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How to find us:

By car:

  1. Take A 66 Frankfurt-Wiesbaden
  2. Take Exit 'Höchst'
    (keep on going direction 'Höchst-Innenstadt)

  3. Now you are driving on a two-lane one way street
    (you are on 'Königsteiner Straße' direction "Stadtmitte Höchst")

  4. Congratulations! You are almost there.

Direction to Residence 'Königsteiner Straße':

Direction 'De-Ridder-Weg':

By S-Bahn: (or also on foot;)

  1. Coming from 'Main Train Station Ffm', (or 'Hauptwache' or 'Konstabler Wache' downtown Frankfurt):

  2. Direction from 'Rhein-Main' Airport:

  3. Direction to Residence 'Königsteiner Straße':

    Direction to 'De-Ridder-Weg':

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